Knee Arthritis Treatment – What is Arthritis of Knee?

This article explains the medical condition which is known as knee arthritis and the treatment of the same.

Arthritis is termed as a bouquet of disease which contains as many as 100 diseases. It is known as a degenerative disease which affects the joints. To understand knee arthritis, it is imperative to understand the anatomy and the basic structure of the knee.

A knee is an essential joint of our body which helps the body in its movement and also bears the whole body weight while the body is in vertical position. A knee joint is the meeting point of the lower leg bones and the thigh bone. These bones fit into each other like a socket and when these bones glide over each other smoothly with the help of the cartilages, movement or bending of the knee takes place.

Arthritis affects the joint and may be of the following two types:

  1. Osteo Arthritis and
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Arthritis can cause partial or permanent disability in the body. It is characterized with inflammation and pain in the joints. What is arthritis of the knee is still a question for researchers. Experts and doctors cannot define the exact cause of arthritis. Hence all the medications available focus to relieve the patients from the arthritis pain. It is called as a degenerative disease because with time the body especially the joints and the bones undergo degeneration process. In this the salts of the body gets depleted and bones become weaker than earlier resulting in damage to the tissues.

Understanding Arthritis of Knee

When arthritis affects the knee it is known as arthritis knee. Severe cases require surgery where the damaged part is replaced by its duplicate made up of plastic or metal. Where the tissues are affected doctors remove tissues and replace it. Knee cap is also partially and completely replaced through surgeries. Knee problems are now very common not only in people of old age but also for people at young age. This result from wear and tear the bones undergo while doing some strenuous activity and with the age the joint bones are more susceptible to wear and tear.

According to American Medical Association arthritis of the knee is not only seen in old people and young athletes but it is also very common in obese people. Obesity is also an important factor which counts in arthritis.

The treatment Arthritis

So it would be clear from the above statements that what arthritis of the knee is. Now the article would be dealing with the treatment of the arthritis.

After having a clear answer of the question what is arthritis of knee, we should now focus on the treatment.

There are anti-inflammatory drugs available which help in reducing the pain of the arthritis. Apart from medications and therapies present for reducing the arthritis pain, little lifestyle modification can help in delaying of the arthritis. In young age intake of proper diet, regular exercise can prove very beneficial in preventing arthritis. If your profession involves straining knee i.e. if you are an athlete, warm up exercises, stretching, use of knee braces can help in preventing arthritis. Shoes that we wear while walking and running should be comfortable and good.

If you want to cure knee arthritis, you must read this article now.

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