Handbag and Women – Right Handbag is Crucial to Your Look.

Everybody knows that a woman wants to look beautiful and elegant. She may love to appear popular, corporate or easy-going but she ultimately likes everyone praising her style of clothing and her accessories. To get that eye catching look, a woman invests hours searching for the correct outfit. And when she gets the perfect outfit, she analyses it many times to ensure it idealizes and gives her that eye getting look. However, we are not sure whether you give that equivalent time and examination to your accessories like your purse and handbag before tossing it behind you and going out?

Not an issue. You might not be aware that a right handbag or purse can add to your beauty and look. Your handbag has the power to make or destroy your look. A carefully chosen handbag can flatten your curves nearly as much as the jeans or shirt. Since you are reading this article with all your attention, let me help you decide your shape and finally choose the type of handbag you should carry.

First, decide your body type and be watchful while selecting a handbag shape, because the handbag shape should be the opposite of your body type. The shape of the purse should be the opposite of your body type for most extreme sweet talk. And choose the size of the bag according to your figure. If you happen to be a tall and thin lady, and you decide to compliment your look with a genuine leather handbag, you should select and buy large sloppy handbags that lay against your look to compliment your figure. In case you’re short and tempting, select a purse shape that is the opposite of your body type. Go for a handbag that is tall and rectangular or long and smooth. In short, choose the opposite extremes.

Most ladies look incredible with a handbag that hits mid-middle, because this shape of the purse complements the midsection. In case you’re intending to buy another purse soon, spare some time to decide the colour and prints of your purse later. Before your think about buying a handbag, read this simple guide on picking a handbag that really works with your body type and ultimately compliments your body shape.

Here are the five essential body shapes that will help you select the best handbag for you:

#BodyType1: Narrow Top with Full Bottom

If you have turned into a woman with full hips or stomach and small top, you should be a little careful while selecting a handbag for your dashing look. Experts advise you to draw the eye of the public up with accessories. You should choose a genuine leather handbag with short lashes that fits cosy under your arm.

handbag with short lashes - ThinkingIsAJob
Handbag with Short Lashes

#BodyType2: Full Top with Narrow Bottom

If you are burdened with extra weight on top which may be undesirable to you (some ladies may be compelled to think so, you know), you have a wonderful solution to manage the situation. Transform the zone into a “dead zone”; turn the area into a “no man’s land”. Nothing can make the eye wait so draw the attention of the people downwards by selecting long slumping handbags.

long slumping handbags - ThinkingIsAJob.com
Long Slumping Handbags

#BodyType3: Hour Glass

If you have got it young lady, parade it, you are advised to show it! This type of body shape best depicts a lady who is balanced on top and bottom. Such type of body shape usually has a characterized abdomen and is viewed as the perfect body shape. You can steal away anything— you can carry any handbag fortunate woman!! Select a purse that sit close to your regular waistline or underneath your hips. Buy medium-sized wanderer bags, totes, or cross body genuine leather handbags, and rest assured that you will draw the attention of the people to your curves!

cross body genuine leather handbags - ThinkingIsAJob
Cross Body Genuine Leather Handbags

#BodyType4: Narrow from Top to Bottom

If God has turned you into a natural thin lady, you have constantly confronted the difficulties of dressing this body shape. If you are thinner than it is proper, you must decide to show it off to draw the attention of the public. Prepare to indicate it off. The key to success is to add a perfect handbag to your profile. Never carry a handbag that will embrace and cover the body excessively. Buy unstructured, massive or bulky handbags. If you want to look taller, try bags with very short straps. But if you decide to bring the attention of the public down, you can always carry a handbag with a longer strap.

handbag with a longer strap - ThinkingIsAJob
Handbag With A Longer Strap

#BodyType5: Wide from Top to Bottom

Experts have made a rule, if your figure is round, your handbag should be more organized. Before buying a purse for this body type, you should pay proper attention to the shape and colour of the bag. You should not choose bright colours, monochromatic is ideal colour for you. Try to avoid prints, or keep to a base. Attract the eye to top or centre with a mid-length strap. In any case, don’t buy gigantic handbags that are round and not tight-fitting as they will add mass to your hips and thighs. You can always carry medium-sized organized bags that lay flat against your body.

medium-sized organized handbags - ThinkingIsAJob
Medium-Sized Organized Handbags

Presently you are able to choose the correct handbag for your body shape! Simply like you would try apparel and shoes before buying them, try different handbags and find the right one for you. Keep in mind that the place where the handbag contacts your body, that piece of your body is complemented. For instance, if the purse is under your arm against your breast, the eye is attracted up to the handbag.

So grab this opportunity to search for the correct handbag for you on ThinkingIsAJob.com — it’s not generally possible to buy a similar bag that your closest friend has recently bought. You should not buy a handbag just to carry your things and personal belongings. You should buy a handbag according to your body type which should add to your style and looks.

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