Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome – Questions with Answers

At present, it is not uncommon to read articles in journals and journals that relate type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, as related entities and with very similar mechanisms and treatments. As a result, questions like the ones mentioned below arise.

A patient was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and with surprise found that his doctor indicated a medication similar to that received by his cousin, who is a carrier of a metabolic syndrome. Is this possible?

Yes, there are antidiabetic medications that also have their application in people with metabolic syndrome. This is the case of drugs such as metformin or pioglitazone. This happens because both entities have a common pattern that is the resistance to the action of insulin that your body makes. The use of these medications is aimed precisely at the treatment of disorders such as hyperglycaemia or disorders of metabolism, which occur in both type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

However, each must follow the instructions of their doctor regarding the dosage, time of employment, etc.

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If there are similarities between type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, is it possible that work-related stress is a risk factor for the development of both conditions?

Indeed, a recent study found that the risk of developing metabolic syndrome doubled in individuals who had a high workload, in relation to those in which their workload was 3 times lower. In both entities there was a mechanism of common origin, with respect to the participation of work stress. It would be the effects that these high demands produce in the autonomic nervous system of the workers, this affects the secretion of adrenaline and the relations between these substances and the hormonal environment. For this reason, especially in people with a family history, it is convenient to take into account this type of stress when deciding on one type of work or another.

Recently, I read a note about the importance of overweight in the development of diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. What is the common risk to health that these 2 conditions present?

One of the main health risks, emerging from the existence of type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, are cardiovascular diseases, related, in turn, to associated complications. We refer specifically to alterations in blood lipids (elevation of cholesterol, for example) and blood pressure (hypertension). Both, along with smoking, are undoubtedly the most common risk factors for the most widespread of chronic diseases, atherosclerosis.

In synthesis, insulin resistance, obesity, abnormalities in the metabolism of fat are alterations typical of diabetes mellitus type 2 and the metabolic syndrome. For this reason, do not neglect any of the 2 conditions.

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