Causes of Knee Pain – Reasons of Your Knee Arthritis

This article enlists the causes of knee pain apart from the acute knee injuries which are dreadful for it.

Knees are that essential joints of the body which not only bears the weight of the body but also act as a shock absorber for the body when it faces a jerk. It is the largest joint of the body which acts as a hinge between the lower legs and the upper legs. It is because of its functions that it is the most vulnerable joint to injuries. Besides injuries the causes of knee pain is explained in the article later.

Knees absorb the pressure from the time we are a child and start crawling. Then as we grow and our physical activity increases with that increases the pressure on our knee. This extra pressure could lead to some knee problems. What causes knee pain is a question which should be answered as soon as one feels pain in the knee. Such knee pain if left ignored can lead to serious mobility problems.

Understanding the reasons of knee pain

Understanding the anatomy of knee would help in analysing the reasons for the causes of knee pain. A knee joint is made up of the femur or the thigh bone and the tibia. This joint is supported by tendons and cartilages which provide the smooth movement of the bones. Knee cap provides the protective cover over this joint and also facilitates the movement of the joint in sync with the body. Any injury or damage to these bones, ligaments, cartilages, or the knee cap results in knee pain. The connective tissues undergo degenerative process which is also held responsible for arthritis and the following knee pain.

The causes of knee pain in young people can be attributed to acute knee injuries like the meniscus tear, torn ligaments which are common with athletes. Overuse of knee as in the case of runners also causes injuries to the cartilage of the knee resulting in acute pain. Another cause for knee pain may be referred to as the origin of pain which is not knee. For example people with problems in pelvic joint may feel the pain in knees because there are nerves which join the pelvic area through the knee to the foot. Even problems in foot can lead to knee pain.

Degeneration process of bones

Bones undergo degeneration process in which the calcium in the bones are depleted which leads to damage in the bones. Joints are the secondary source of ions inside the body when due to improper diet the primary resources run dry, body starts taking it from the joints making them all the more susceptible to degeneration. This is a process which is more often related with women than men.

The causes of knee pain should not be a matter of concern, the concern should be the right diagnosis of the cause and treatment of the same. Subscribe to a healthy diet program which helps you reduce the calories and helps to nourish the body. There are medications available for the knee pain but the best way is to prevent any such condition which could lead to knee injury. Athletes should be careful during their work. People should know how to take care of their joints to make them last longer.

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