The Magic Pill Documentry by Celebrity Chef Pete Evans

The Magic Pill

An Australian documentary film titled The Magic Pill claims that a high-fat, low-carb diet can prevent and even cure illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and autism. The Magic Pill is a film released by celebrity chef Pete Evans.

The documentary released by the superstar chef Pete Evans recommends that the majority of chronic diseases exist due to the modern diet. This is the very thought in the film that has got hammered by commentators. The critics are blaming the film for selling “destructive” thoughts.

For the purpose of investigating the effect of the ketogenic diet on the symptoms of different diseases, the film studies people in America and Australia suffering from different ailments.

The ketogenic, or keto diet, is said to be a high-fat and low-carb diet. It is believed that a keto diet helps our body to use fat for fuel instead of carbs.

5 Keto Diet Tips from The Magic Pill Film

The general population featuring in the movie was asked to follow a diet based on a keto diet standards. These keto diet principles include the following 5 guidelines:

  1. Replace bad fats with healthy fats.
  2. Try to consume free-range animals and wild caught seafood.
  3. Add bone broths, organ meats, fermented foods, and intermittent fasting into your diet.
  4. Always eat whole and organic foods.
  5. Avoid processed foods, dairy, grains, and legumes.

Criticism of The Magic Pill

The president of the Australian Medical Association, Michael Gannon, hammered and criticised the film. Gannon announced that the film is hurtful, harmful and mean.

On behalf of Michael Gannon, the Daily Telegraph reports, “The possibility that a high-fat diet can change a youngster’s conduct in a month is simply so obviously strange … but then the fact of the matter is that the guardians of mentally unbalanced kids (autistic children) are so frantic that they will go after anything.”

The criticism of the film, The Magic Pill, comes partly from the confusion created by some news outlets covering the film. These news outlets called the keto diet a paleo diet.

Experts say, “While keto has paleo standards, keto is completely high-fat, however not really high-protein like paleo. A lot of protein changes into glucose in the body, which removes your ketosis.”

Criticism of the Critics of “The Magic Pill”

BANANIAC uploaded a video titled “The Magic Pill Debunked by Nutritionist | The Truth About Keto Diets” on their YouTube Channel. Watch the Video below and read what David Brown has to say about this, just below the video.

Rapidly listing a bunch of things you think are true does not constitute “debunking” something. I think this nutritionist doesn’t really know what he is talking about.

I appreciate that he acknowledged the fact that the film, The Magic Pill, emphasized whole foods and staying away from processed foods.

But let’s look at the typical claims found in his video:

1. Low-carb diets result in higher all-cause mortality.
The study he quickly shows is a meta-analysis of several observational studies on macronutrients and long term mortality.

First- it is a meta-analysis of observational studies. Observational studies cannot establish cause and effect. They can only lead to questions to be studied further in different types of studies designed to actually establish cause and effect. So from the start, we should acknowledge that these studies cannot show a causal relationship between low-carb diets and increased mortality.

Second, these studies in the analysis varied tremendously in how they defined “low-carb.” Most defined “low-carb” as getting 25-35% of calories from carbs. And that is totally different from a ketogenic diet. In keto, people usually take in 5-10% of their calories in carbs. So apples and oranges, folks. And also- most of the “low-carb” diets were high protein. And a keto diet is not a high protein diet. Keto diets usually include about 15-20% of calories from protein.

Again- not a high protein diet.  So all in all, this is a really bad meta-analysis to use if you are claiming that a ketogenic diet results in increased mortality.  It shows nothing like that.

2. He appropriately claims that weight loss itself along with calorie restriction will usually result in improved cholesterol levels. I guess he is not familiar with all the studies evaluating the low-carb/high-fat diet where these subjects consume food on an ad lib basis- in other words they can eat as much as they want.

Or the studies showing tremendous metabolic benefits with the keto diet independent of weight loss. So this is a fail too.

3. He references Shawn Baker and says that Baker only eats meat. This, again, is nothing close to a ketogenic diet.

4. He claims that having an LDL of 140 mg/dL is “lethal.” Wow. That is absolute craziness. Such an insane way to make health predictions – one simple lab value independent of anything other context. He has an extremely limited view of cardiac risks and lipidology.

5. He also says that it is “proven” that saturated fat causes diabetes. The fact that he uses the word “proven” shows he doesn’t really understand the scientific literature. Anybody who does wouldn’t use that word.

To support this claim – he shows a paper looking at resolution of type II diabetes after bariatric surgery. In no way, shape, or form does this paper support his claim.

6. He cites the paper on vegan diet and improvement of blood glucose. The investigators created a list of whole foods that the subjects could eat and had them eat low-glycemic index foods. These subjects were obese and diabetic to begin with. And they saw lower blood glucose levels when they went with low glycemic foods.

WOW. Could we not predict that? And doesn’t that go against the claim that it is saturated fat that causes type II diabetes?

I can go on and on.  But suffice it to say is that this gentlemen joins a long list of vegan propagandists who do not understand scientific literature and shouldn’t be posting these videos making claims that apparently know little about.

Thus, David Brown writes 6 points to prove that the video review by BANANIAC has failed to prove its point that The Magic Pill film has been debunked.

Essential Meals and Menu Planning

Essential Meals and Menu Planning

As a reason for meals and menu planning, allude to the dietary data discussed before to ensure you have the essential sustenance prerequisites met for all your relatives. At that point cross check and plan by investigating essential nourishment classifications to target solid nourishment to fit the ways of life and strength of everybody. For instance, on the off chance that somebody has depression, add a few nourishment products to his or her dietary designs that guide in the mending and anticipation of depression.

Meals and menu planning likewise relies on a few components like the quantity of individuals eating, supper times, extraordinary dietary concerns, spending plan, accessible nourishment, and formulas on hand and different preferences of everybody who will consume the meal. Start by picking nourishment and formulas that you like and know how to get ready well and that fit into everybody’s dietary designs. In the event that at least one individuals have uncommon requirements, similar to diabetics, prepare for substitutions either in the nourishment arrangement or sustenance substitution for that individual or for those people.

Meals and Menu Planning for Everyone

There are a couple of things to note when settling on meal decisions and menu planning. To begin with, a few nourishment products might be publicized a specific way, however that doesn’t mean you can’t explore. For example, eggs and wiener can be served for supper, not simply breakfast. And waffles can be produced using solid wheat grains and had for lunch with new natural products rather than sugary syrup and overwhelming spread for breakfast.

Mix it up, as well. Have other relatives hop in and get ready meals a few nights and on weekends. Children enjoy making macaroni and cheese, so have mac-n-cheese night on Wednesdays, for instance. Then alternate different vegetable combinations, hues and surfaces to shift the menu on a week by week premise (no need to give tiredness a chance to assume control on Wednesdays with a similar routine!)

To help with family nourishment spending concerns, cut coupons from newspapers, weekend inserts, and any place you can find them. Help your family in meals and menu planning. Downloaded coupons from the Internet to spare money, as well, from places like and CouponDunia is Eight years of age discount coupon and offer providing site situated in Mumbai. It has more than seventy lakh clients. You will be surprised to know that it has issued more than 15 lakh coupons up until this point. It enables clients to spare money with its comprehensive listing of coupons, offers, arrangements and discounts whether it might shop from online brands or eating from most loved restaurants.

Show Your Love for Meals and Menu Planning

Additionally note seasonal nourishment selections for savings. Make menus and meals in view of what’s on exceptional that week or month. Hint: stock up and store or freeze extraordinary valued things and family top picks when conceivable and storage space and the monetary allowance permits. Be that as it may, don’t overdo it. With convenience stores and markets for nourishment shopping in for all intents and purposes each neighborhood anymore, there is no need to accumulate. A well-known old saying, “Haste makes waste” might apply on the off chance that you see an incredible purchase, buy various things, then let them end up plainly obsolete and need to hurl them out.

Essential Meals and Menu Planning

One fun approach to spare is by trading coupons and working out Nourishment Products management with friends, family, neighbours, your congregation gathering and anyone else who’d get a kick out of the chance to join in. Nourishment cooperatives and homestead markets accessible in your general vicinity may offer uncommon pricing to gatherings or substantial buys. So collaborate for better purchasing force and split everything up between amass individuals. In case you’re not into that much organization, run one-on-one with a neighbour, other friend or relative. Purchase an immense pack of potatoes, onions, oats, and/or different Nourishment Products, then offer.

Here is one extraordinary thing to note concerning dietary planning. It’s unfortunate, yet quick nourishment, particularly those that are high in fat content (seared, oily nourishment products), are often less expensive than great, and solid nourishment decisions. For instance, desi chicken costs more than high-fat farm chicken; oats high in nutritional esteem are often estimated substantially higher than the ease, sugary brand names. And low income and vagrants are particularly losses of this situation, many circumstances needing to turn to the less many advantageous nourishment decisions for survival. So whenever conceivable, your plans should want to include donating a portion to orphanages and sanctuaries who might presumably be more than willing to take additional items off your hands.